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Picture of MATAKKI Ryoma Professional Hairdressing Shears

MATAKKI Ryoma Professional Hairdressing Shears

The Ryoma is fitted with our latest high grade ball bearing system which ensures correct tension is maintained always.
Picture of The Aku

The Aku

The Aku is engineered with a crane 3D offset handle to sculpt your hand perfectly and includes a sword style blade profile which makes this model perfect for powerful wet and dry cutting. Perfectly balanced and super smooth, The Aku is an amazing professional tool that senior and advanced level hair stylist will love working with.
Picture of The Assassin

The Assassin

The ultimate hair stylist and barber scissor hand crafted in Japan with Molybdenum steel for added corrosion resistance and hardenability. The Assassin is one of our best selling 5 star scissors designed for the advanced hair stylists and professional barbers.
Picture of The Encho

The Encho

The Encho is designed with a crane handle which is engineered and angled to enable you to drop your elbow position, allowing for better body positioning when cutting while still achieving a proper blade angle.
Picture of The Excalibur

The Excalibur

The Excalibur is designed with one of the best VG-10 steels avaialble ensuring that theses shears will hold a sharp edge when maintained properly. The Matakki Excalibur model comes with a lifetime guarantee too!
Picture of The Kinju

The Kinju

The Kinju is hand crafted in Japan from Takefu VG-10 steel, seen as one of the best steels in the world! Beautiful sculpted handles for unparalleled comfort and finished with fully convexed edges for a delicate and precise cut.
Picture of The Oriba

The Oriba

The Oriba is hand crafted from cold forged VG-10 steel from the Takefu company in Japan, finished with fully convexed edges for a cut so soft and precise.