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Thinning Shears

Thinning Shears

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Picture of The Beast Thinning Shear

The Beast Thinning Shear

The Beast is one of our flagship hair thinning shear models since its launch in 2003, it is often copied and imitated and they say 'an imitation is a form of flattery' but here at Matakki we say, Get your own.
Picture of The Ikon Rose Gold Thinning Scissor

The Ikon Rose Gold Thinning Scissor

Already own the Ikon shear? Then you simply need the matching Ikon rose gold thinning shear then your set is complete!
Picture of The Kato Thinning Shears

The Kato Thinning Shears

The Kato professional barber thinning shear is designed for the busy barber shop, a true work horse! Also available as the Kato matching shear set.
Picture of The Dragon Thinning Shears

The Dragon Thinning Shears

THE DRAGON THINNING SHEAR Hand created using Hitachi 440C steel from Japan. The Matakki Dragon hair thinning/blending shears are stylishly created with a hand cut mythical dragon engraved into the handle making these shears absolutely one of a kind! They are super smooth, amazingly sharp and superbly balanced when thinning and blending hair. Completed with a black gem tension screw for brisk and simple tension alteration. Additionally, available is the Dragon matching set
$320.00 $190.00
Picture of The Flower Thinning Scissor

The Flower Thinning Scissor

Handmade thinning shears with a cut ratio of between 30/35% a perfect addition to the Flower shear. Launched in 2003, the Flower thinning shear has been a firm favourite of stylists worldwide. Light-weight, smooth and perfectly balanced, try it today and you’ll fall in love after the very first cut. Also available is the Flower matching set.
Picture of The Reaper Thinning Shears

The Reaper Thinning Shears

The Reaper thinning shears are a professional tool designed for all round thinning, blending and finishing. Constructed from premium Japanese Hitachi 440C steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 62 enables our technicians to create a super sharp convex cutting edge. We finish the shears with a special black titanium coating to add style and to protect. The Reaper has a life span of between 15 to 20 years (if serviced properly) so you are guaranteed many years of service (if loved and cared for). Matching Reaper texturizer and set available, also comes in left handed models too.
Picture of The Shark Texture Shears

The Shark Texture Shears

If the Akechi seems a little out of your budget then we can highly recommend the Shark! Similar in design, this professional hair cutting tool is perfect for chunking, adding texture and dimension to your hair cut.
Picture of The Arrow Thinning Shear - NEW 4 STAR MODEL

The Arrow Thinning Shear - NEW 4 STAR MODEL

One of our best-selling models has had a face-lift! Ergonomic handles for supreme comfort and perfect balance combined with the 440C fully convex blades ensure smooth, accurate and powerful cutting. You will not be disappointed with the Matakki Arrow hairdressing and barber shears.