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The Essentials Collection

The Essentials Collection

Same quality steel for an extraordinary deal!Start as you mean to go on with the Matakki Essentials Collection. The ultimate selection of fundamental products created specifically for those beginning their career in the hair industry. We understand that most people starting out are on a budget, but that shouldn’t mean you have to settle for substandard equipment. The Matakki Essentials Collection offers shears which are both fantastic value and incredible quality. Whether you are a hairdressing/barbering student, apprentice or trainee, we’re giving you the tools to succeed.

Picture of The Toya

The Toya

The Matakki Toya is our entry level haircutting shear which is perfect for barbers or hairdressers.
Picture of The Toya Set

The Toya Set

The Matakki Toya matching haircutting set is our entry level hairdressing and thinning shear set that is perfect for barbers and hairdressers.
Picture of The Toya Thinning Shear

The Toya Thinning Shear

Classic opposing handles and removable finger rest, a great all-round blending shear. Matching shear set is also available, save money.